Pain-Free Living November 2017: Whether Weather Affects Pain

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I broke several fingers in various manners from ages 10 to 18. Now, 20 years later, my digits throb and ache when rain is coming. But what about other types of pain, including chronic pain? As Nicola Davies writes in her article “Cloudy With a Chance of Pain” (page 24), though scientific evidence on the topic is conflicting, many people living with chronic pain believe it is affected by the weather. And thanks to a new smartphone-based study, we may be on our way to a definitive answer about the link between weather and pain. While the final results and formal analysis won’t happen until after the data-gathering phase, the interim findings are promising and people living with chronic pain are eager to learn the study’s conclusions. We’ll keep you posted!

Pain-Free LivingAs you probably know, diagnosing pain can be a frustrating and drawn-out process that takes its toll not only physically but mentally. In three articles this issue, we explore conditions — ankylosing spondylitis (page 18), chronic pelvic pain (page 34), and complex regional pain syndrome (page 44) — that can take months or even years to diagnose and provide ways to work with physicians in the search for an answer.

“Even in this day and age, sometimes the process of elimination is the only way for doctors to diagnose conditions,” according to Abraham Rivera, MD, in his article “Perplexed By Pain,” so providing complete information about your symptoms, lifestyle, and pain-management strategies is crucial to a timely and accurate diagnosis.

This is my first issue as editor of Pain-Free Living, and I hope you find that the content is not only informative but that it truly helps you live and enjoy life in practical, everyday ways.

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Joan Edgett is the editor of Pain-Free Living.

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