Pain-Relieving Product Review: Icy Hot SmartRelief TENS Therapy, Knee and Shoulder

Icy Hot’s SmartRelief TENS Therapy Knee and Shoulder Starter Kit is FDA approved for relief of chronic pain associated with arthritis. The device blocks the body’s pain signals by sending gentle electrical pulses along the nerve, which reach the brain before the pain signals do. The system is wireless, and the electrical pulses are generated by a small, battery-powered device. For times when you need a more or less intense therapy, the SmartRelief kit has 63 customizable intensity levels, so it might take some experimentation to find what works best for you.

The reusable electrode pad that comes with the system is designed specifically to target knee and shoulder pain. Since it is discreet and portable, the system can be used at home, work, on a date — wherever you go, your SmartRelief can accompany you. The starter kit includes a control unit, 3V battery, the reusable electrode pad, and a user guide. The system will automatically shut off after each 30-minute session.

Many Amazon reviews rave about this product for relieving arthritic pain. Amazon reviewer Denise K., who has osteoarthritis in her shoulder and knees, said this product is a “godsend.” “I use it as a regular therapy that not only keeps my shoulder and knee pain at bay, but also has improved my mobility and range of motion in my shoulder…Sometimes I’ll use it for 5–6 hours in a day,” she wrote. “It’s probably the single best health product I have purchased in my entire life in terms of the benefits it gives me.”

Note that although the brand is Icy Hot, the electrode pad provides gentle electrical pulses, not heat or cooling. Some Amazon reviewers mentioned they didn’t feel immediate relief, but that the effect of the therapy was noticeable the next day.

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Lydia Goerner is Senior Associate Editor of Pain-Free Living.

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