Pain-Relieving Product Roundup: Arthritis Aids

Looking for nifty items to aid you in daily life with arthritic pain? Check out these finds that might make your life a little easier. These all make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers for your loved one with arthritis, too!

Apothecary Products RX Vial Cap Opener

This vial cap opener can assist with opening difficult vial caps. It features a soft rubber grip for easy handling, and the metal hook latches under a vial cap and flips it open with ease. This tool works best for opening push and turn vials and snap cap vials, not push-tab vials.

Many of the Amazon reviews come from people with arthritic hands, who have found the product immensely helpful. Reviewer Lucy said, “Every senior citizen should have one of these amazing tools to open the blankety-blank medicine bottle caps…they work really great!”

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RMS 19″ Reacher Grabber

This reacher/grabber can make numerous daily tasks simpler, from reaching the back seat of a car to getting something off a high shelf or that has fallen on the floor. You can even use this device to move laundry from the washer to the dryer.

The reacher grabber is 19”, making it portable and easy to travel with. It has a 90-degree rubberized rotating jaw, which makes it easy to pick up very small items. The jaw is also coated with anti-slip material and the handle has a comfortable grip for prolonged use. The tool is helpful for those with a variety of chronic pain issues, from back pain to arthritis, and can also be helpful for those in a wheelchair.

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Ableware Hole-In-One Key Holder

A product made specifically for those with arthritis or other grasping difficulties, the Ableware Hole-In-One Key Holder provides leverage for using house or car keys. It can be gripped with the fingers placed through the hollow center or around the outside.

The key holder holds one or two keys in the slots, which are held by a single screw. It can accommodate keys without plastic head covers. When it’s not in use, the keys can be folded toward the inner side of the holder. Amazon reviewer “Confused Mama” said this gadget is great for giving her father-in-law increased independence. “He is able to grip the arm to turn the key on the lock,” she said. “It also gives him more stability to grip and insert into the key hole.”

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Lydia Goerner is the Senior Associate Editor of Pain-Free Living.

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