Pain-Relieving Product Roundup: Fibromyalgia Assistive Devices

Looking for new assistive devices to try that can assist you with fibromyalgia pain? Check out these finds that might make your life smoother. If you’re looking for ideas, these products all make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers for your loved one with fibromyalgia!

Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool

The Body Back Buddy makes it easy to self-massage and hit just the right spot with its innovative design. The innovative shape allows all muscle groups to be within reach: back, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, buttocks, hips, legs and feet. The tool allows you to release tight, knotted muscles and control the amount of pressure.

The device also has three styles of therapy knobs on it, which achieve different results. The dull rounded knob is intended for broader surface massage, the pointed knob allows deeper penetration into a specific area and the dull nubs are designed to massage the upper buttocks and back. As another bonus, the product is sourced, designed and manufactured in the U.S. It’s 1.25 lbs and comes with an instruction manual to teach self-massage techniques.

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Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

This is one of those products that, once you have it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. This electric can opener is designed to be easy by anyone to use as it requires little grip strength and will open all standard-size cans and cans with pop-top lids. It sits on your countertop and has a push down lever that makes quick work of removing can lids.

The can opener has an innovate side-cutting system, which leaves a smooth edge, minimizes the blade’s contact with food and prevents splashing or seeping out from the top. Amazon reviewer “LtLeary” wrote that this can opener “has handled everything from the large gallon size cans of baked beans for a party to the small cans of tomato paste. No more lids falling inside a can or cutting only part of the way around.”

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Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad

This wrist rest and mouse pad can greatly benefit computer users with fibromyalgia. It supports the hands and wrists comfortably while typing on the keyboard or using a mouse. This product is made of high-tech memory foam cushion padding that is comfortable, durable and contours to wrist shape. Additionally, it is designed to help prevent injury by maintaining proper wrist alignment, taking weight off shoulders and arms and reducing muscle strain.

The wrist wrest is ideal for longer hours of use, including those who work long days in an office or at home and those who are gamers. CushionCare provides a three-year warranty. Amazon reviewer “Lilchewy12” uses the wrist rest pads for their carpal tunnel syndrome. “I noticed an instant improvement in that the pad was not too hard but still provided a good firm support under my wrists…It took one eight hour workday of using my new pads and the pain was gone!” the reviewer wrote.

Lydia Goerner is the Senior Associate Editor of Pain-Free Living.

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