Sports Injuries Quiz

Sports Injuries Quiz

Sports injuries increase the more hours you put in, and figuring out what type you are at risk for may come down to age. Test your knowledge of sports injuries with this quiz… Read More

Hiking With Arthritis

Hiking With Arthritis

If you live with arthritis, hiking can help improve your health. Learn more about the benefits of hiking with arthritis… Read More

water workouts

The Benefits of Water Workouts

Does exercising in water have the same benefits as exercising outside or in a gym? Simply put, yes. Find out how water workouts can help relieve pain… Read More

pilates exercises for arthritis

Pilates Exercise to Do While Traveling

The goal of pilates is to strengthen the muscles around the areas that are arthritic. Try these pilates exercises you can do on the go… Read More

Who’s Who at the Gym

These are some of the people you may encounter while exercising for pain management. Physical therapists provide physical therapy, ordered… Read More