Inflammation of the bursa is the root of bursitis and may occur for a number of reasons. Read the articles in this section to learn about bursitis and how to manage the condition and the pain associated with it.

Bursitis Symptoms & Types

by Kurt Ullman, RN

Bursitis symptoms depend on which bursa is affected and how much inflammation there is. There are several different kinds of bursitis.

Bursitis: Living & Managing

by Kurt Ullman, RN

Bursitis treatment is usually focused on reducing pain and inflammation. Without infection or rheumatic condition, PRICEMM method is used.

Bursitis Diagnosis & Tests

by Kurt Ullman, RN

A bursitis diagnosis may be made by your doctor using only a medical history and a physical exam.

Bursitis: Overview & Facts

by Kurt Ullman, RN

Inflammation of a bursa—bursitis—is relatively rare overall, accounting for only 0.4% of primary-care clinic visits.

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