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Arthritis can interfere with your life by making it more difficult to do the daily tasks — such as cooking, bathing, and dressing — that many people take for granted. Find out how to make everyday tasks easier.

Sleepless with Arthritis

by Paul Wynn

Having arthritis and sleepless nights can often go hand in hand and can be a challenging issue.

All Headaches Are Not Created Equal

by Robert Dinsmoor

Most people have headaches at some point in their lives. Doctors have identified 200 different types of headaches, and the proper treatment depends on which type you have. Most headaches are relatively harmless, but some can be debilitating or may point to serious or even life-threatening underlying conditions. Fortunately, there are several measures you can […]

Caring From a Distance

by Paul Wynn

Despite living with severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and working a full-time job as a physical therapist, Kathy Fleenor is a long-distance caregiver to her mom and elderly aunt. A mother with two grown sons of her own, Fleenor has seen and done it all. She assumed care for her mom after a debilitating car accident, […]

Enjoying a Day (or Night) Out

by Candy B. Harrington

Getting out and about can sometimes be difficult if you have arthritis. At times, even things as simple as taking the grandkids to the zoo, doing a little museum hopping, or having lunch with a friend can seem like herculean tasks. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with a little advance […]

Vocational Rehabilitation

by David Wayne Smith, DEd, DABPS, FACFEI

Arthritis often cuts short a person’s working life. However, with effective accommodations, a person can often stay in his chosen job or career longer, even if arthritis is making certain activities difficult or impossible. Even when accommodations aren’t enough, retirement doesn’t have to be the only answer. Some people can use vocational rehabilitation services to […]

Furnishing An Arthritis-Friendly Home

by Amy White

Furnishing a home is about more than making a space look appealing; it is also about creating a place that is functional and works for the people who use it. When you have arthritis, you may have a number of issues with mobility and functioning, such as morning stiffness, painful and less flexible joints, and […]

Creating an Arthritis-Friendly Garden

by Nancy Christie

Fresh air, sunshine, the pleasure of watching living things grow — there’s no disputing that gardening offers a host of benefits. But if you have arthritis-related discomfort or mobility issues, just moving around between flower beds can be challenging, while planting, weeding, and harvesting could seem next to impossible. The good news is that with […]

Bathroom Comfort and Safety

by Wendy McBrair, MS, BSN, CHES

Arthritis can affect all aspects of your life, even what you do in the privacy of your bathroom. Emptying your bladder and bowel shouldn’t be affected by arthritis, you say! Unfortunately, it often is. If you find using the bathroom difficult because of your arthritis, read on for information that may help you maintain your […]

Managing Sleep Problems in RA

by Kurt Ullman, RN

In these fast-paced, overworked, and TV- and Internet-addicted times, it probably comes as no surprise that a majority of Americans don’t get enough sleep. But you may not realize that staying up late isn’t the only problem. Many people also experience sleep disturbances such as snoring, waking in the night, or waking up too early. […]

Easier Computing

by Janet Hopkins

There is no getting around the fact that computers are an integral part of life for many of us. Whether we love them or despise them, computers help us to connect with others, find information, accomplish tasks more efficiently, and entertain ourselves. People with arthritis sometimes find using the computer a challenge, because pain, limited […]

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