Eight Tips for Practicing Mindful Walking

1. Find a quiet space to walk

This doesn’t have to be outside — anywhere peaceful will do.

2. Start walking at your normal pace

with your hands placed wherever they are comfortable.

3. Notice the rhythm of your body —

lifting your feet, the movement of your legs, the side-to-side shift. Try to focus completely on the sensation and movements of walking.

4. Take in your environment —

be safe and aware.

5. Become conscious of the sounds that surround you

without labeling them or judging them. Repeat this step for the smells around you, and then for the objects and colors.

6. Sustain this cognizance

of everything around you.

7. As you prepare to finish

your meditation, focus again on the sensation and movement of walking.

8. Stand still for a few moments.

Remember the sense of consciousness you just felt and try to apply it throughout the rest of the day.

Nicola Davies, PhD, is a health psychologist and author of I Can Beat Obesity! Finding the Motivation, Confidence and Skills to Lose Weight and Avoid Relapse. She has also developed training modules for pain specialists on the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for chronic pain.

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