Gastroenteritis Overview and Facts

Gastroenteritis: Overview and Facts

Gastroenteritis attacks intestines, causing inflammation and/or irritation of the GI tract. It can be caused by viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. Read More

gastroenteritis symptoms

Gastroenteritis Symptoms

Gastroenteritis causes uncomfortable symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Symptoms may appear within one to three days and usually last a day or two. Read More

Gastroenteritis Diagnosis and Tests

Gastroenteritis: Diagnosis and Tests

The first step toward obtaining a gastroenteritis diagnosis is for your doctor to take a medical history to ensure you don’t have a different condition. Read More

Gastroenteritis Management

Gastroenteritis: Managing the Condition

In treating gastroenteritis, it depends on the severity of your symptoms. Some require hospitalization, however, gastroenteritis is often treated at home. Read More