Pain-Free Joints and The Pain-Free Back

Pain-Free Joints: 46 Simple Qigong Movements for Arthritis Healing and Prevention, by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, YMAA Publication Center, Inc., 2017, 131 pages.

The Pain-Free Back: 54 Simple Qigong Movements for Healing and Prevention, by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, YMAA Publication Center, Inc., 2017, 131 pages.

World-renowned author, scholar, and teacher Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is a leading authority on qigong (pronounced chee gung), a holistic mind-body practice that combines gentle, flowing movement with mental focus, breathing, and relaxation to promote healing, flexibility, and balance. The author of more than 35 books and 80 videos, Dr. Yang resides at the YMAA Retreat Center in northern California, where he teaches traditional martial arts while maintaining more than 55 schools in 18 countries. These two books provide simple qigong movements to aid healing and prevention.

In Pain-Free Joints, Dr. Yang focuses on the qigong practices commonly used by the Chinese to treat arthritis. The book presents 46 simple movements to help loosen, stretch, strengthen, heal, and maintain comfortable, flexible joints for a lifetime.

Learn about qigong and why it is a good choice for treating arthritis and maintaining healthy joints. Included are gentle torso-loosening movements, hand massage movements and techniques, six massage methods for immediate relief, as well as sets of qigong movements for the neck, spine, and waist; fingers, hands and wrists; elbows and shoulders; toes and ankles; and hips and knees.

Dr. Yang states that by committing to a simple qigong practice, patients can begin to take care of their own joints while relying less on others.

In The Pain-Free Back, Dr. Yang focuses on regaining natural pain-free motion and balance with qigong. The gentle, meditative movements emphasize proper motion in coordination with breath to prevent, treat, and heal back pain.

The spine is the root of all motion, and a healthy back is vital to your well-being. Qigong exercises can help rebuild the strength and stability of your torso and core. The book presents 54 movements to help loosen, stretch, heal, relieve and strengthen the back.

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