The RecordKeeper: Pathway to Greater Well-Being

The RecordKeeper: Pathway to Greater Well-Being The RecordKeeper: Pathway to Greater Well-Being , by Marie C. Neder, 2017, 224 pages, $16.

Until two years ago, the publication you’re reading was known as Arthritis Self-Management, and one of our sister publications is Diabetes Self-Management. So it shouldn’t be surprising that we still subscribe to the concept of self-management — that people with chronic illness or pain should participate in decisions about their care. If you live with pain, one step you can take is to write down information about your health every day. In 2009, Marie Neder began keeping notes on her health using a composition book, and recently she created this useful journal. It’s designed to be used daily, one page per day, to record what you eat and drink, what time you wake up, which exercises you do, your pain level, the day’s chief complaint, and more. If you use the book and stick with it every day, the timeline it reflects should be helpful to you and your health-care provider. Available from Amazon or from Neder’s website,

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Matt Mendenhall is the former editor of Pain-Free Living.

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