Why It Hurts: A Physician’s Insights on the Purpose of Pain

Why It Hurts: A Physician’s Insights on the Purpose of PainWhy It Hurts: A Physician’s Insights on the Purpose of Pain, by Aneesh Singla, MD, Ideapress Publishing, 2017, 220 pages, $24.95.

The goal of this book, according to its author, a Harvard-trained pain specialist, is “to help readers develop resilience, whether they are coping with chronic pain, caring for someone who is, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of a profoundly important subject.” Dr. Aneesh Singla, the medical director of the Rockville Center of National Spine and Pain Centers in Rockville, Maryland, discusses why we have pain, how aggressively it should be treated, the difference between “good” and “bad” pain, and how we become better equipped to use our pain as the powerful adaptive tool that it can be. Pain can be a transformative experience, and the idea of resilience and how pain can and does make us stronger is often ignored. This book offers a lens through which to see pain as more than just an inconvenience. It offers a new vision of why it hurts and what we should do about it. Learn more at www.whyithurtsbook.com.

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Matt Mendenhall is the former editor of Pain-Free Living.

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