You, Pain Free

You, Pain Free: 6 Keys to Break Free of Chronic Pain and Get Your Life Back, by Dr. Jonathan Kuttner and Naomi Kuttner, Life After Pain, Ltd., 2017, paperback, 291 pages, $9.99.

After Jonathan Kuttner, MD, a musculoskeletal pain specialist from New Zealand, crashed his hang glider into a hillside, he was left with a herniated disc, disrupted joints and severe back pain. He lived with the pain for seven years before finding a solution that, he says, took away his pain within 12 weeks. In You, Pain Free, he describes a process to return your body to its natural pain-free mode. Kuttner says people with chronic pain typically fit into one of three types of pain: reactive, hotline and autonomic. He explains each one, helping readers understand which type they are experiencing. Then he dives deep into six keys that can reawaken the pathways in your mind and body to turn down amplified pain.

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