Many terms related to pain and health can be confusing. Here we define more than 100 pain-related words. Think of it as your own dictionary of pain and health.

Chronic pain and fatigue can take an emotional toll as well as a physical one. This section explores the effects of pain on your emotional and behavioral health and what you can do about them.

Living with a painful condition can affect how you handle everyday tasks. Learn more about how to manage bathing, sleeping, and other routine activities.

Managing a chronic and painful condition often involves dealing with financial issues, such as health insurance and disability claims. Learn how to manage the expenses involved.

Medicine is an important part of managing many painful conditions. Here you’ll find a variety of articles about medications.

When pain is severe, surgery may be the best option for providing relief and restoring function. This section discusses different surgical options.

Don’t let pain stop you from living an exciting life. Here, you’ll find expert information on respecting your limitations while seeing the world.