10 Ways to Manage Stress at the Holidays

What’s not to love about the holidays? Friends, family, good times and good food make it many people’s favorite time of the year, but if you live with chronic pain, just the thought of the holidays and all that’s involved may be overwhelming, evoking worry, additional pain and stress.

In truth, the holidays can be both mentally and physically stressful for everyone. Getting everything done the way we want to do it is challenging. For those with chronic pain, the holidays can certainly increase stress, but they can also provide opportunities for creativity, flexibility and change. Improving your life skills, confidence and ability to change can be rewarding. Pain, while uncomfortable, can provide the stimulus you need to change in ways that can improve your life at the holidays and throughout the year.

It’s important to take care of yourself throughout the holidays to reduce both mental and physical stress and subsequent pain, making these important days and their many activities the best they can be. Here are 10 ways to reduce mental and physical stress.

This list is adapted from Wendy McBrair’s article, “Managing Stress at the Holidays,” published in the October/November 2018 edition of Pain-Free Living.

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