Pets for Pain Relief

For many children, adolescents, teens, and adults managing chronic pain, depression or anxiety, interactions with domesticated animal companions — dogs, cats, bunnies, birds and more — improve mood and self-esteem, lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety.

Read several inspirational stories in Pain-Free Living’s “Healing Power of Animals” series.

Josh and Scout

Pets for Pain Relief: Josh and Scout
Learn how a military hero stumbled upon a friendly stray kitten and found hope.

Lillian and DreamPets for Pain Relief: Lillian and Dream

Read how a Massachusetts teen is reaping the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding in Pain-Free Living’s “Healing Power of Animals” series.

Man’s best friend brings joy to all

Pets for Pain Relief: Man's Best Friend Brings Joy to All

Find out about the important role of dogs in the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) pet therapy program in Pain-Free Living’s “Healing Power of Animals” series.


Nancy and Toaster

Pets for Pain Relief: Nancy and ToasterRead the inspirational story of how a nonprofit founder with fibromyalgia is reaping the benefits of pet- and animal-assisted therapies.


Cats and Dogs to the Rescue

Pets for Pain Relief: Cats and Dogs to the Rescue
Learn how several people have drawn inspiration from cats and dogs during difficult times.

Maureen McCarthy is the editorial director of Pain-Free Living.

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