Need a Lift? Lift Chairs

A lift chair can be an invaluable aid for those who find it difficult to get out of a chair. It can take pressure off stiff and painful joints and give you a new feeling of confidence about sitting down and standing up. If you have a lift chair but would also like something more portable, or if a lift chair doesn’t fit in your budget, consider a portable lift seat. Portable lift seats look like cushions and can be placed on many chairs and sofas to give you the benefits of a traditional lift chair. The seats are lightweight for easy transport and come in electric or self-powered models. The self-powered models work on firm armchairs and sofas. The electric models also work on recliners. If you’re thinking about buying a portable lift seat, check its weight capacity to make sure it’s right for you. If you have Medicare Part B, Medicare may pay part of the cost of the lift seat.

You should be able to buy a portable lift seat at your medical supply store. The seats can also be bought on the Internet, including at the two websites listed here. For more information, log on to these sites or call the toll-free numbers.

Functional Solutions
from North Coast Medical
(800) 821-9319

(888) 940-0605

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