Activity Recommendations After Total Hip or Knee Replacement

The recommendations for activities after total joint replacement surgery shown in the two tables below are based on surveys from the Hip Society, Knee Society and American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons between 1999 and 2007. The “undecided” column list activities the orthopedic surgeons surveyed were unable to agree on.


Allowed Allowed with experience Not allowed Undecided
Stationary cycling Yoga High-impact
Ice skating
Road cycling Cross-country skiing Jogging Inline skating
Swimming Downhill skiing Racquet sports Rowing
Walking Stationary skiing Singles tennis Weight lifting
Speed walking Canoeing Contact sports
(e.g. hockey, soccer)
Weight machines
Hiking Bowling Basketball
Doubles tennis Horseback riding Volleyball
Golf Rock climbing
Ballroom dancing
Low-impact aerobics
Elliptical machine


Allowed Allowed with experience Not allowed Undecided
Stationary cycling Doubles tennis High-impact
Inline skating
Low-impact aerobics Canoeing Jogging Downhill skiing
Swimming Cross-country skiing Racquet sports Weight lifting
Walking Stationary skiing Singles tennis
Speed walking Rowing Contact sports
(e.g. hockey, soccer)
Hiking Weight machines Basketball
Golf Ice skating Volleyball
Bowling Rock climbing
Horseback riding
Ballroom dancing
Road cycling

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