More than 12 percent of American develop migraines, and nearly half are never diagnosed. Read the articles below to learn about the different types of migraines, how doctors diagnose migraine syndrome, and pain relievers and other medications that treat migraines.

Migraine: Treatment and Management

by Lisa Cantkier

Several medications are available to treat migraines and prevent them from happening. And we review alternative treatments.

Migraine: Diagnosis and Tests

by Lisa Cantkier

How doctors diagnose migraine syndrome, including which tests they may recommend.

Migraine: Symptoms and Types

by Lisa Cantkier

The four stages of migraines and advice on when to see a doctor.

Migraine: Overview and Facts

by Lisa Cantkier

Migraines affect more than 12 percent of the population of the United States, and nearly half of all people who have them are never diagnosed. Here’s an overview.

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